Show Some Spirit was developed and built by Exclusive Pro Sports.   Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS) was established in Rockford, Illinois in 1990.  From the beginning Exclusive Pro Sports has been a company founded on quality and authenticity, and this continued focus has helped us grow. Currently Exclusive Pro Sports is a licensee of the National Football League , National Football League Players Inc. (NFLPA), National Hockey League, National Hockey League Players Association, AHL, and the ECHL. Exclusive Pro Sports Headquarters are located in Rockford, Illinois.

In addition, Exclusive Pro Sports has fulfilled customization work ON FIELD and ON ICE for the National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, American Hockey League, ECHL, Central Hockey League, United States Hockey League, National Lacrosse league, and the United Hockey League. We have also provided ON FIELD and ON ICE customization for numerous major collegiate hockey, football, baseball, basketball, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer programs, Exclusive Pro Sports works with the NHL to customize all of the jerseys worn in the NHL ALL-STAR GAME SKILLS COMPETITION and YOUNG STARS GAME. Exclusive Pro Sports has also worked with most major manufacturers at the retail level for NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA apparel, as well as retro jerseys and college apparel.


Show Some Spirit provides an innovative online store to sell apparel, merchandise, jerseys and more, to schools, groups, and organizations to maximize sales.  At SSS we create custom designs to accomodate different needs and all products are developed and completed at our Domestic Manufacturing Facility in Rockford, IL.  All sales provide commissions that are generated and utilized by the school, group, or organization at a preset retail sales price.  The sites will provide two functions: to provide a state of the art online store to facilitate sales with NO MINIMUMS and to allow administrators/managers to stock a brick and mortar store also utilizing NO MINIMUMS.  Consumers can browse a multitude of products online and book orders to pick up at a predetermined site, or have all products shipped directly to their address.  Managers are given log in information to book off the shelf orders with no taxes, wholesale pricing, and bulk shipping rates.   Managers are also given the ability to track all sales and commissions.  Contact Show Some Spirit now to grow your sales for future needs and don't get stuck with product no one wants due to high minimums.


Call us at 815-877-8585 or send your email to Josh at jkliebe@exclusivepro.com.


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